Argyle Sock Club: Challenge no. 5!

Ah, all of you who are so nice as to come visit me here will be pleased that the content is distinctly improving over time.

I bring you: Harry Codfish!

To find out just what this is all about, you had better go on over to the illustrious Argyle Sock Club blog, right here.


  1. So, I have to comment on BOTH sites ;)
    I think you have the best commentary on all of your drawings. You make me laugh!
    I also feel quite accomplished to have been invited to participate, via comments, in such an illustrious club as the Argyle Sock Club ;)

    1. Aw, shucks. (bashful smile emoticon!)
      Thanks, Elise! I'm mighty glad you're enjoying it. It IS illustrious, isn't it??? Too bad we don't actually meet in the Brimhall Building like we used to, or I would invite you and the boys to come up Thursday afternoons for chicken and cheesecake at the club meetings.