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Inktober: Days 3, 4 & 5

Catch up for days 3 and 4 plus no. 5 for today.
3: The first little pig.
4: A hipster mouse house on the cliffs of San Diego.
5: If my two year old had a car. 


Squirrel house!

For day 2, Inktober, and apparently it's also Squirrel Awareness Month. How timely.

Inktober Inktober Inktober!

Made some raspberry jam tonight and thought of this little guy. I was going to have him eating toast, but well, with...jam? Ew.


"And-a-one, and-a-two, and-a-three..."

It's time for:

I'm going to run the whole marathon and post a drawing daily until the 31st of this month. Let's start it out with this classy little number, which, confessedly, was not drawn today but several years ago on a cold winter evening in the attics of the Amanda Knight Hall of good ole BYU. It so happens I drew all day today, but not in ink. Maybe it's starting out the race on a gimpy leg, but between all that paper and graphite plus my commitment to participate in this awesome challenge, I'm letting it count. I'll make up for it with a post on the 32nd of the month.

Without further ado, 'The Sheik of the Hamper & the Holy-Roller Toaster Shrine:'


Handcar Chase!

Handcar chase with Navajo kid and ringtail cat in aviator hat in movie-land 'Texas,' [cough], which somehow always looks like Monument Valley...

Pennies From Heaven

Reposting for this week's Illustration Friday topic, money.