Charlie Bucket

This is my drawing for The Argyle Sock Club Challenge no. 3, which was to do a character design, or a scene, from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Good ole Charlie Bucket. 

This is the part where it's winter, and Charlie has begun to grow, and what's worse, there's been nothing but cabbage soup at home to fill up on for days on end. On his soggy way home from school, he happens to find some lost money in the gutter which leads him to the purchase of the lucky Wonka Bar with the last golden ticket.

I can't remember the exact words, but Roald Dahl's contrasting description of the gritty, sharp, hungry winter outside, to the big, fat, smiling shop keeper watching Charlie wolf down the chocolate in large bites is glorious. It's so satisfying to read, like you somehow are right there, eating it too. So that's why I chose this scene. It's where it all shifts for the good, smack before that beautiful, chocolate-wolfing climax.


  1. Aawwwwwww!
    (I'm gonna go eat my chocolate bar now)

  2. Your stuff Marti, collectively, is just loverly. This piece is so sweet it makes my cold heart thing sappy thoughts.

    And I know that you invited me to your super dooper cool guy club forever ago (my art life has been a bit on hiatus since Edward's been gone) but I was wondering if there was "room for one more," as it were.

    Squishy art friendship hugs...