ASC Challenge no. 14: Museum of Bad Art

Turquoise Sunrise
by Marti Major

6.125" x 6.125"
This is a tributary companion piece to a glorious work titled "Silver Rain" that my sister and I saw 3 years ago at the Yavapai County Fair in Prescott, AZ. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture, but the sketch below is the best that I can remember:

(Envision loads of thick black/blue/purple/gray/yellow paint with black glass beads for the horse's eyes.)
Not purchasing the piece is one of the few regrets of my life, so here is my tribute to a masterwork, as painted with my right hand (I'm left handed).

While cleaning up my acrylics, I was also inspired to create this with the end of a paintbrush and the smudge of paint on my professional-grade yogurt container lid palette:

I call it, "Neville Thinking."
For purchase inquiries, please email.


  1. Oh my goodness Marti! Just reading your blog lightens my day :) I love your last post, as well! I'm pretty sure we are kindred spirits :)

    So, do you know yet if you are having a girl or a boy? I'll bet you have the best list of names ;) You guys are going to be such great parents...that's one lucky kid!

    And, I will bid $5 on Neville. Maybe $10 ;)

    1. I think we must be kindred spirits too, Elise! I'm glad you like my cheesy pony with the glass eyes! We should teach art classes together someday.

      (We're having a girl and have been calling her Beulah Mae, but won't officially call her Beulah Mae. If I would have thought of it earlier I would have fake-named her Phyllis. Alas.)

      And I'm afraid I washed Neville off into the sink. I guess he was an instillation piece instead, but I still have the yogurt lid if you're interested! ;)